Why Should You Buy A Brunswick Pool Table?

Why Should You Buy A Brunswick Pool Table?

When it comes to buying a pool table, you find a lot of brands in the market. Some brands have unique designs while other brands specialty lies with their durability. But how to find the perfect pool table for yourself?

Here we are discussing the top six brands whose pool tables are not only famous for their designs but also their durability, their gameplay, their felt etc. A good pool table is one which comes with all the aspect right. such as;

  • Weight,
  • Felt (pool table cloth),
  • Wood,
  • Pockets,
  • Drawers (additional),
  • Cue and cue racks.

Brunswick Pool Tables:

Brunswick is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to pool tables. With more than 170 years of history behind them, they had withstood all the tests and hardships and turned the company into a global brand name.

Brunswick legacy goes back in 1845 when the founder of the company started making its first ever pool table. The inspiration for the pool table came from the wood.

Brunswick himself said that if it is made of wood, why can’t we make it. They build their legacy by creating the best. You can see the innovation.

They have achieved the super accuracy and consistency, and that is the best thing in any product to maintain its legacy.

History of the Brunswick Billiards:

It was a family business — John Moses Brunswick, who was an immigrant to America. When he saw the pool tables of an esteemed London Manufacturer, John Thurston, Brunswick saw the opportunity to get into the business of billiards.

In 1845, the M.J. Brunswick Manufacturer started producing its first of many pool tables. As the business bloomed, in 1850 Abraham Lincoln purchased a Pool table from Brunswick and the Company rocketed in the market.

From the 1890s to 1920s, Brunswick understood the market value and set the standard for the billiards. Even during the GREAT DEPRESSION and WORLD WAR II, Brunswick never lost hope, but instead, they gave people some leisure in such saddened days.

Brunswick Success Reason:

Brunswick success came with time and patience. Whenever they saw an opportunity, they introduced something new.

They went with the over-all nation’s likeness and interest. The legacy of Brunswick endures such long way to the top with the help of the following factors;

  • They were quick to adapt.
  • Their creativity.
  • They never compromised in their quality.
  • They shared a vision with the ordinary person.
  • They went for the global market.

Brunswick Pool Table Materials:

Brunswick give extra attention to their pool tables when they are being made. They never compromise over materials and always give their best.

They guarantee their products. Their products are made up of following materials which make them outstanding.

Nut Plates and Washer:

All the nut and the washers are specially designed — the nuts are made in such a way that they create a 70% more torque, causing more tightness ensuring a solid connection between rails and the slate.

The hardened dome washers ensure that the rails are placed accurately and fixed properly. They are specially designed to make sure that the loosening of the nuts and washers over the time does not happen.


Cushions are such an important part of the pool table. If they are not up to the standard, they might cause rail looseness. Brunswick super speed cushions give more consistency and control over the rail.

High-Pressure Bonding:

Cushion rubber bonding and placement are essential concerning the rails. Brunswick has achieved that accuracy and consistency through their super controlled machines which bond the cushions with such a precision that has been the trademark of the company for over 70 years.


Brunswick wood rails are outstanding. They are cut, shaped and fixed through machines in such a way that ensures high level gameplay. The rails are always made up of solid wood.


All the joints and wood are attached and fixed with each other with the help of the machines. These machines are specifically designed to make sure that the fitting of the frame and the cushions are all up to the standard.

Excellent work in the joinery of the solid hardwood ensures perfect games and superior performances.

Wood Work:

All the solid wood used in the pool tables of Brunswick are kiln dried up to 6-8% moisture level. Then they are stained and sealed to avoid any further moisture absorption.


The specially designed slate is according to the BCA specifications. It is machined-cut and refined. And all four sides are checked again and again for accuracy and balance. Only after that, the slate is ready to be placed.

Brunswick Pool Table Types:

Brunswick now produces pool table in different categories. Ever since they became a global brand for the pool tables, they now produce for every aspect of life, and they want everyone to enjoy a good game on a professionally made pool table. They have a variety of pool table. they have

  • Traditional pool tables,
  • Transitional pool tables,
  • Modern pool tables,
  • Rustic pool tables,
  • Industrial pool tables and,
  • The vintage Brunswick pool tables.


They also work with variety of different woods. Giving them different colors and themes is one of their ways of interacting with their clients. Such as

  • Beachwood,
  • Charcoal,
  • Chestnut,
  • Driftwood,
  • Espresso,
  • Mahagony,
  • Nutmeg.


The price range is from $1,500 – $40,000. Their prices usually depend upon the wood and then their management.

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