Viking Log Furniture - Ponderosa Pine Pool Table Clear Finish

Viking Log Furniture

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  • The Ponderosa log pool table is the ultimate design in rustic pool tables. This log billiard table is ideal for any country or cabin themed home. The log side rails and outside logs on the body are both made from Ponderosa pine. The nine-inch diameter legs are made from Norway pine. To ensure that the log side rails will stand straight and true, they are made up of two-inch strips of knotty Ponderosa pine and laminated together. Then, they are hand drawknifed into a massive log shape. Make this Ponderosa pine pool table the center of your game room!

    1. Meets all Billiard Congress of America specifications

    2. 14 ply main beams and 7 ply side beams make up the inner structure of the body

    3. Assembled unibody which has the top machined to .005″

    4. Top plate on the unibody for slate backing and attaching cloth

    5. Three piece, one-inch thick Brazilian slate

    6. Chocolate brown, short shield pockets

    7. Championship Tour Edition K66 cushions

    8. Over 20 different cloth colors available

    9. Requires a professional installer to set the table up