Viper - 797 Electronic Dartboard


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  • Become a virtuoso of darts with the Viper 797 electronic dartboard! Featuring the regulation size, 15.5” dartboard target face, you’ll play on the same size the masters use. Surrounding the target face is a large missed dart catch ring to protect your wall from errant throws. The 797 features 43 dart games and 241 scoring options to assure that you’ll never run out of ways to put scorch your adversaries.

    1. Tournament Quality Regulation 15.5” Target Face.

    2. 43 Games with over 241 Options.

    3. Target Tested Tough segments withstand your toughest throws again and again.

    4. Up to 16 player multiplayer, including team play.

    5. Includes 6 soft-tip starter darts and a one year warranty.