Viper - Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts


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  • Your opponents won’t know what hit them when you bring the Viper Blitz Steel Tip Darts designed for use with sisal dart boards. These darts are packed with features starting with the barrel, fashioned from 95% Tungsten and 5% Nickel. Tungsten is a very dense metal, able to create slimmer darts with the same weight as lighter metals; this allows for tighter shot groupings without sacrificing control, increasing your scores. Tungsten is a sign of quality and durability as well because of its density.

    1. 95% Tungsten Barrels have a slim profile, allowing for tighter grouping of shots which increase scoring.

    2. Knurled barrel with grooves and rings provides a consistent grip throw after throw.

    3. Aluminum Spinster shafts feature locking holes, the most secure way to fasten shafts to barrel.

    4. Spinster shafts rotate freely to reduce bounce outs from darts already in the board.

    5. Keep darts and accessories protected with a tough TacTech case.

    6. Includes six flights, six spare Viperlock nylon shafts, a dart mechanic repair tool, and a TacTech case.