Viper - Razorback Sisal Dartboard


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  • Upgrade your darting game with the Viper Razorback Sisal Dartboard! This dartboard is constructed from compressed sisal fibers, the latest innovation in steel tip darting. Constructing the board this way gives new life to your dartboard, as the special technique allows the sisal fibers to self-heal, as they “remember” their original shape. These dartboards will last years longer than their old school wood or paper counterpoints. The Razorback dartboard features a 100% staple-free bullseye.

    1. Tournament Quality Regulation 18” diameter accommodates both steel tip and soft tip darts.

    2. Constructed from high grade, self-healing compressed sisal fibers.

    3. Staple free bullseye ensures that bounce outs are kept to a minimum.

    4. Razor-thin spider wire is the thinnest available and staple free; bounce outs become a thing of the past.

    5. Movable number ring allows you to rotate the dartboard, allowing the fibers to heal, and extending its life.