The Best Pool Table Brands of 2024

Choosing the right pool table for your rec room is easier when you know more about the best brands.

People have been playing billiards in their homes and at local pool halls for hundreds of years. This classic game offers a form of indoor recreation that doesn’t require screens, a keyboard, or controllers.

There are pool table brands that cater to those looking for casual family fun, as well as those that serve the needs of serious pool players, and even professionals. The broad range of pool table manufacturers on the market can make finding the right brand for one’s home a challenge. This guide reviews some of the top brands in the pool table business and highlights some of the top models they sell.

1. Brunswick Billiards  

Brunswick Billiards Black Wolf Pro


About the Brand: Brunswick manufactures a broad range of recreational products ranging from boats to pool tables.
Price Range: $$ to $$$

Brunswick Corporation, based in Metawa, Illinois, manufactures a variety of recreational products and machines, including pool tables. The first pool table manufacturer in the U.S., Brunswick is known for its use of high-quality materials in its pool tables, which feature hardwood, professional-grade fabric, and 1-inch-thick slate.

Brunswick’s pool tables are made to order, offer a long list of customization options, and are highly sought after, making them one of the more expensive brands of pool tables on the market.

Top Products:

  • Brunswick Black Wolf Pro: With its sleek lines, use of dark hardwood, and all-metal corners, the Black Wolf Pro offers a more contemporary look than typical traditional pool tables. Get the Brunswick Black Wolf Pro at Game Room Spot for $4,900.
  • Brunswick Gold Crown VI Pool Table: It continues Brunswick’s tradition of excellence as the newest edition of the legendary table series. The Gold Crown VI features a familiar design with modern styling. The new low-profile leg base and hidden stretcher provide a streamlined appearance while the angular canted leg emphasizes the clean lines. The table also features new corner and rail castings in a brushed nickel finish for a sleek high-end aesthetic. Get the Brunswick Gold Crown VI Pool Table at Game Room Spot for $12,075.
  • Brunswick Santini Sutton II 8ft Pool Table: With the option to select everything from cloth color, cloth type (traditional or centennial), extra accessories such as dining top, table tennis conversion top, etc. The Sutton II is a great example of the quality and customization Brunswick offers. Get the Brunswick Santini Sutton II 8ft Pool Table at Game Room Spot for $3,700.
  • Brunswick Allenton Pool Table: Allenton represents the most affordable of Brunswick’s pool tables. Despite its comparatively lower price, it comes in hardwood, cherry, or chestnut and features premium professional-grade felt. Get the Brunswick Allenton at Game Room Spot for $2,995.

2. American Heritage Billiards 

American Heritage Abbey Pool Table

About the Brand: AH products feature the highest quality, coordinating game room furniture on the market designed to be enjoyed with family and friends. Beyond pool tables, this includes home bars, shuffleboards, air hockey, foosball tables, pub tables, bar stools, chairs, and more.
Price Range: $$ to $$$$

American Heritage Billiards is the world’s largest game room furniture manufacturer.

These high-end pool tables don’t come cheap, though, with most models ranging from $4,295 to $10,000. This price point makes them a good option for serious players who are looking for a table that will last many years.

Top Products:

  • American Heritage Lanai Outdoor Pool Table: Built for the outdoors, the Lanai Outdoor Billiard Table is designed for the ultimate experience in al fresco home entertainment. High quality construction, stainless steel hardware, and durable powder coat materials ensure this billiard table will delight players in your outdoor oasis for years to come. The contemporary style fits with a variety of backyard settings and landscaping.  Get the American Heritage Lanai Outdoor Pool Table at Game Room Spot for $5,495.
  • American Heritage Billiards Annex 8 Foot Pool Table: An edgy, stylish focal point in any game room. With ultra-modern aesthetics and functional simplicity your friends and family will enjoy this billiard table for years to come. This pool table features black matte diamond rail sights, robust construction, and internal drop pockets. Get the American Heritage Annex Pool Table at Game Room Spot for $5,695.
  • American Heritage Billiards Vancouver 8 Foot Pool Table: The Vancouver features a modern mix of materials and textures highlighting its fresh and contemporary design. A wood batten-style base with a powder-coated metal beam completes the clean, organic aesthetic. Get the American Heritage Vancouver Pool Table at Game Room Spot for $4,295.

3. Hathaway

Hathaway Excalibur Pool Table

About the Brand: Hathaway offers lower-cost pool tables by using more affordable materials such as engineered wood and melamine.
Price Range: $ to $$

Hathaway pool tables are much more affordable than offerings from premium pool table names in the market. The company’s pool tables range in price from $1000 to $2,600.

The lower-end tables are made from engineered wood and melamine with metal corners and caps, making for a sturdy—if not elegant—pool table. The company’s product line also includes waterproof and UV-resistant pool tables suitable for outdoor setup.

Top Products:

4. Plank & Hide 

Plank & Hide, which is owned by Empire, makes luxury indoor and outdoor recreation equipment, including everything from foosball and air hockey tables to shuffleboard and pool tables. Its pool tables are well regarded not only for their unique style and quality craftsmanship but also for their playability. Being a luxury brand, it also occupies the higher end of the pool table market with prices ranging between $4,000 and $6,000.

Top Products:

  • Plank & Hide Elias 8 Foot Pool Table: This table is a transitional style post-leg solid hardwood design in a contemporary slate gray finish. The table is at home in any setting that demands a high-end look and feel. Get the Plank & Hide Elias 8 Foot Pool Table at Game Room Spot for $3,799.
  • Plank & Hide Vox 8 Foot Pool Table: Part of the Vintage Series, the Vox spotlights tournament grade features including K66 Rasson rubber cushions, 3-piece 1” matched slate, a dual center hardwood main beam and slate supports, and tournament quality 3-piece 1” matched slate. Add a modern twist to your game room with this heirloom quality table. Plank & Hide Vox 8 Foot Pool Table at Game Room Spot for $7,299.

5. Fat Cat Pool Tables

Fat Cat 7' Reno II Pool Table 

About the Brand: Fat Cat sells budget-priced billiards tables and combination 3-in-1 game tables.
Price Range: $ to $$

Fat Cat is a subsidiary of Milwaukee-based GLD Products, which has been making popular bar game equipment including darts, billiards, and gaming tables for the past 30 years. Similar to Hathaway, Fat Cat makes more affordable pool tables that fall in the $900 to $1,600 range.

The company’s pool tables offer some of the best bang for your buck in terms of build quality, with features such as solid wood rails, slate playing surfaces, diamond inlays, and K66 bumpers. The company also makes multi-game pool tables that combine other popular games such as air hockey and table tennis with billiards in one table.

Top Products:

How We Chose the Best Pool Table Brands

We used a variety of criteria to narrow the field of pool table brands down to the top 5. In making our selections, we considered brands that offer quality builds for the price. For higher-end brands, we carefully selected those with established names and solid reputations with a long history of constructing pool tables.

The manufacturers that made the list use quality materials, including solid hardwood construction, K66 rubber in their bumpers, and 1-inch-thick slate surfaces. These brands also offer a variety of styles to suit different preferences. In addition to premium brands, we also included manufacturers that make quality pool tables at a more affordable price to suit those who may not be able to commit several thousand dollars to a pool table.

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